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O que esperamos de 2014? Artigo no PropMark http://iabbrasil.net/portal/esperamos-de-2014-o-mesmo-de-2004/

O que esperamos de 2014? Artigo no PropMark http://iabbrasil.net/portal/esperamos-de-2014-o-mesmo-de-2004/

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O que mudou da iThink para a Sapient Nitro

O que mudou da iThink para a Sapient Nitro

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Impressionante o crescimento do consumo de vídeo no celular

Impressionante o crescimento do consumo de vídeo no celular

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Nós publicitários gastamos muito tempo com a embalagem. Reflexão de David Droga. Leitura obrigatória

O texto abaixo foi escrito por David Droga que é o presidente do juri da nova categoria inovação que estréia este ano em Cannes. Resume muito bem a profunda transformação que a industria da comunicação está passando mas que muitos (principalmente no Brasil) ainda não te tocaram


Without question, my favorite thing about our industry is how malleable it’s become. While our primary purpose hasn’t changed, we’re redefining and extending boundaries every day.

Less and less, budgets and precedents restrain us. Today, our biggest limitation may be our ambition.

For sixty years, Cannes has celebrated our best and brightest. Ideas that inspire us. Breathtaking work that sets the standard to which an entire industry aspires.

Yet here is one of the industry’s sad ironies: For all that searing talent and brilliant output, much of this work is fleeting and disposable.

Like the closing gala fireworks. Every year they get brighter and more spectacular. But, like clockwork, once the flares burn out, only the smoke remains. For the organizers, that means returning to square one.

When the things we’re awed by today can too easily become mere footnotes tomorrow, it’s time to expand.

Which is why I am so excited by the promise of the new Innovation Lions category.

This category represents a chance for us to celebrate ideas and thinking not necessarily limited to a single brand, moment or campaign.

For the first time, we have an opportunity to acknowledge creations that transcend a media budget—or, dare I say it, a client need.

The ideas we’ll celebrate don’t have to be compelling brand stories.

We might reward a tool, a new social platform or something that affords multiple brands a brave new way to embrace change.

The idea may not come from a mandate. It might instead be all about solving a basic need.

I think this new category will have a positive impact on our core business.

Too much of our time is spent thinking about the wrapping paper, and not enough about the actual box.

That needs to change. Why can’t we create our own viable platforms, IPs and canvases?

Can we come up with ideas that let us see around corners and future-proof our industry?

Of course we can.

I’d argue there’s no other business better suited to this challenge. After all, we’re not just storytellers and communicators. We’re an industry of problem-solvers and inventors.

Of course the very nature of innovation has repeatedly proven that no one can truly predict what will unfold.

So what are we looking for?

For starters, we’re looking for ideas that set new expectations.

Things designed to reset behaviors.

A vision that will impact everyday lives.

Concepts that become North Stars for all of us.

Ideally, when it’s all done, we’ll come away with a handful of ideas that not only show us the way forward, but also carry us right into the future.

SapientNitro + iThink no Meio e Mensagem

SapientNitro + iThink no Meio e Mensagem

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